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Clearview certification helps protect your brand reputation


Why become certified?

Clearview enables labour providers to demonstrate to existing and potential clients that they operate responsibly, professionally, legally and ethically in their sourcing and supply of workers.

It provides users of labour providers and the brands and retailers that buy their goods and services with an independent way of demonstrating due diligence.

Scheme Key Features

  • A programme to assess modern slavery risks in labour provision many tiers down in the labour supply chain
  • A collaborative business-led programme with integrity assurance embedded into the scheme methodology
  • A “beyond audit”, “beyond compliance”, UN Guiding Principles programme design philosophy
  • Inclusive, adaptive and continuous improvement approach
  • An independent expert multi-stakeholder Technical Advisory Committee to oversee and approve the General Regulations (how the Scheme certification works), Technical Standards (the social compliance standards required of labour providers) and the operating procedures
  • Certification audits conducted by social compliance Audit Bodies through scheme trained and competent approved auditors.

How Clearview works

Why become certified?
  • Demonstrates to your clients that you are operating responsibly 
  • Provides competitive advantage through market differentiation 
  • Creates trust and increased transparency in labour supply chains
  • An independent audit shared with many clients reduces audit duplication, saving time and cost.

The technical standards are mapped to existing and developing best practices including:
  • The IOM International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) code of conduct
  • The Institute of Business and Human Rights Dhaka Principles and Employer Pays Principle
  • The Global Social Compliance Code 
  • The CIETT Code of Conduct 
  • The ETI Base Code 
  • The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Scheme operators

ALP logo
The Association of Labour Providers (ALP) is the scheme owner responsible for the scheme strategic approach, methodology and technical standards.

ALP was established in February 2004 as the trade association promoting responsible recruitment practices for organisations that provide the workforce to the food, agricultural and consumer goods supply chains.
NSF logo
NSF International provides scheme management, administration and registration.

NSF International is a leading global provider of independent assurance and certification services to a wide range of industries.
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